The Power of Feminine Body and Its Expression Through The Dress

God gave to women a unique role of carrying the enormouse erotic power and ruling the world with it. Anyone would prefer a women that knows how to let men's imagination run wild about the feminine mystique of her body. Nevertheless, you are the hunter and he is the prey because you decide when this game goes to the next level. You decide how much to show him. This is your ambiguity at work. The feminine unknown has been the subject matter of many epic poems (Homer tells us in his Iliad that an entire war was fought for a woman, Helen); it has been the topic of some of the greatest sculptures (I can tell you here of the statue of the goddess Nike); it is the subject of the most famous picture in the world (yes, I am talking about Leonardo Da Vinci's Gioconda).

Can someone tell me why these women (Helen, Nike and Gioconda) are so famous? The answer is simple. Let me say a few words about Mona Lisa. She is not such a beautiful woman, at least by today's standards. However, she has always been a standard of beauty. This does not happen because she has blond hair, or artificially enhanced breasts, or anything else that is unnatural. She is simply being her.

She just stays there and smiles at you, as if winking. No one knows why she is smiling, no one knows even if she is actually winking. She is playing with Da Vinci. She is inviting him over, she tells him to come closer, she lures him with her bear shoulders; but at the same time she tells him to keep the proper distance.

She is the essence, the symbol of feminine mystery. Now, the obvious question is, "how can you, the modern woman, be just like her?" As I have tried to understate earlier, the physical appearance counts less than other things when it comes to mystery, (you should look at the goddess Nike ? she does not even have arms, not to mention the head). For us, modern women, the main thing that counts is the clothes.

They are our main "unknown" factor. The garment and the manner in which we interpret to wear it are the aspects that create mystery and desire. Everything else is secondary. Nowadays, more than ever, we are trying to find that path to our own femininity.

Our main goal, however, is not to impress men, but to feel just the way we are supposed to feel. If shortly after the "The feminine mystique" appeared published, women all around the world began to wear pants and ties, now women are trying to re-define themselves by wearing what they should wear: dresses and purses. A dress is not only a clothing item. A dress is a timesaver that helps a woman to spare time when it is difficult to choose from an entire wardrobe. A dress is the closest friend when you have some minor flaws to camouflage.

A dress is the most feminine item from a wardrobe, but it is also fun, too. It gives you the sensation of being young again. Even if pants used to be the symbol of power in the past (maybe that is why women started wearing them), now dresses are the ones that come up front. As we all might know, a little black dress is perfect when you want to play the unsolved type.

Nevertheless, if you wear a dress, apart from the fact that you light a fire in the men's imagination, you get to dominate entirely your partner. Just think about it ? being only mysterious brings him to his knees; what if you added that sense of self-confidence, which he will feel as power? The world, and not only his world, will be yours for the taking. Now, the focus should not be on dresses only.

The skirts (not the mini-skirts) are yet another way of getting in touch with the mystery that lies inside of you. The black skirts are my favorite, with hemlines floating little below the knee. Add a short jacket (but a not too short one) of a soft structure, and you will get the same effect. In addition, this type of outfit is easy to wear on every occasion, without damaging your looks. Make-up is another interesting way to become more confident and enigmatic at the same time. Even if it is not the first method of boosting your femininity, it remains one of the most favorite ways of pleasing ourselves.

Now, let us make a little recap: it is very important that we feel confident in the clothes we choose and the make-up we wear. But the feminine power gets born within from a moment when we, as woman, find our individuality, class and intelligence that creates the confidence which then we can easily express to the world through the dress. Copyright (c) 2008 Natasha Leratti.

Fashion Designer explains a Psychological aproach to Feminine Mystique and its Body- Dress connection. http://www.leratti.com

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