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So you got cheated by an online casino and now want to know what course of action to take to get satisfaction? A good question because you've likely reached a point of no return if you are reading this article and found it googling the keywords "casino didn't pay me" or "casino cheating player out of payment" , "non paying online casino" and a number of other phrases I hope you will never have to enter into a search engine. Lets examine what you could have done to have avoided where you ended up because frankly if you've been rude to casino support then you probably are screwed though I will be happy to write the casino and see what I can do? First and foremost you can greatly cut down the chances of getting cheated by choosing your online casinos from reputable online casino portals or gambling guides. They exist for more than just being a page of links to casinos. It is an industry which is very active in lobbying change for better player conditions including payment options and down time between cash-ins and payments.

Plus we continually strive for more casino transparency in all of its financial transactions so there is no room for player doubt in the integrity of the casinos promoted by reputable gambling guides. The casino portal community has been responsible for many players getting paid money that they would otherwise have never seen because when the veteran portal owner enters the picture the casinos must then consider they won't just be losing this one player if they don't pay . they'll risk losing their reputation to the entities who represent the largest percentage of any one group of players coming into the casino. Most times even the dumbest casino management can recognize this is no recipe for success although I have also seen some times where it took extreme pressure from the entire community of gambling guides in order to get a casino to do the right thing.

And often times before that success is enjoyed the guides experience stretches of non-communication or out and out refusal to reconsider a decision. We don't give up easily though and you eventually learn once a casino denies a cash-in it becomes a game of patiently firm insistence. Often times it involves about 3 emails back and forth to the casino.

Each time getting bumped up to someone else who will make the decision or change of decision about paying the player. Although this is true in most cases it is especially true that you have all your ducks in a row . meaning every single requirement by the casino including any ID info faxed into the casino before having me step into the picture. These are things explained in easy to understand text that is found somewhere in the casino or on the casino website under terms for cash ins. Most cases the cashier will have emailed explicit instructions of what to fax them. These things all must be done before any gambling guide can step in and be of any help to your cause.

I'm afraid there is just too much to fit this all into one article but the above should get you started in the right direction. The most important thing to remember is to never burn your bridges when dealing with online casino support or cashiers. You may not be able to find satisfaction through them but if you are not rude or hostile then you leave the door open for a gambling guide to step up on your behalf and perhaps find you satisfaction where there would have been none. Help grease the hinges on that door by establishing a more personal relationship with the support person.

It is likely by this point you are corresponding with one person. If not then adopt the policy that whenever you feel uncomfortable about a situation or there are more than an email or two involved . you should by now know that person's name and use it two or even three times in your email (not more than once a paragraph and never use it in all the paragraphs: treat that agent like they were your friend and everything is casual, you are "inquiring when you were told to enquire": or "its been a week and I have heard nothing from you and was wondering on the progress of my issue?" Sometimes you may not be successful but when you are finally ready to hand it over to the professionals, they will have a much greater chance at achieving the desired goal of getting your money . if you have an agent who thinks kindly of you and then gets a flattering letter from a gambling guide stating how the word was spreading amongst his peer at the portal webmaster community that maybe the casino we all thought had a bad reputation: wasn't deserving of that title.

And that we appreciated the personal effort given by that agent towards satisfying the player's issue and returning a competent, reasonable explanation as to why their was a hold up on the payment process? Note that never was it mentioned a worry about getting paid, just a concern of when? Gambling guides and casino portals by nature are in a position to achieve what the average player cannot get done. And many of us consider it part of our job to use this power to help. But we have to be asked or we don't know. One final thing today. if you do get help from a gambling guide remember we work on commission. No I don't mean we want a percentage of the money we helped you get from the casino.

I mean the next time (which should be now) you seek another online casino please remember who it was that helped you and give their site the attention and loyalty that you were shown from that site owner when you were in need. If we stood up for you when we didn't have a financial interest then its likely we will be there for you when you do repay our favor. Thank you for your time.

Steve Briggs is the author of this article on Online casinos. Find more information at www.onestopslots.com

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Online casinos and cash ins and cheating online casinos - So you got cheated by an online casino and now want to know what course of action to take to get satisfaction?.