The ABCs Of Valentines Day Gift Baskets

You may be clueless in selecting a Valentines Day gift for your mate. While flowers, chocolates, and a bottle of wine are perfect gifts but to have them for your partner year in and year out, it can turn out stale and unexciting. So what are we to do? Valentines Day gift baskets are the perfect idea.

Think of gift baskets as blank canvasses. You can reinvent disasters or masterpieces out of them. If you opt for gift baskets instead of the usual "single item in a standard looking box", here are some ideas: Chocolates In Gift Baskets Let's face it. Nothing is more sultry or more "Valentines" than chocolates.

But take note though about the packaging. Men prefer to have them in manly looking packages instead of the feminine-looking ones. Women, on the other hand, would love to have them inside feminine looking baskets. So, buy your gift baskets accordingly. Wines In Gift Baskets Wine drinking is universal - both men and women love to drink wine.

The differences can be in the choice of wines - red or white? Burgundy or chardonnay? If you go for a wine gift basket, always remember to include the kind of wine your partner drinks often. Everybody loves wine, and certainly, a great nice of romance begins with a bottle of great wine. Man Items In Gift Baskets We're talking here of gift baskets that contain anything associated with men - beer, boxers, collectible items, golf balls and golf clubs, neckties, leather belts, cufflinks, razors, manly scents, cigars and a host of other stuff. If you know your man well enough, then you will know about the things that are closest to his heart. Make a theme gift basket and include, for instance, his favorite superhero merchandise.

(Men are really just big boys.) Have a personal touch in your gift by emphasizing some sexy lingerie and a sweet note in the gift basket. If you're not sure about what gift to give to the man in your life, you can always give him a stack of gift certificates.

Make sure though that you don't hand it to him like a personal check. Put it inside a personalized gift basket. Women Items In Gift Baskets You can create a theme gift basket out of anything that has something to do with women - sexy lingerie, spa treatments, jewelry, cosmetics, or even her favorite book.

Put one, or a mix of all, inside a special gift basket. If she's the traditional type who expects you to hand her flowers and chocolates on Valentine's Day, put some life into the gift giving by putting both items inside a gift basket. The same is true for expensive jewelry - put some life into it. Don't let your jewelry gift sit inside a box. Rather, let her delve her nails to find out your gift - cut out some colorful paper, put it in a gift basket, and cuddle your gift within the mountain of torn papers.

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