Teaching Children how to Read

Learning how to read is something which is a continued cycle for children all the way through to adult hood. At a young age children will firstly learn how to pronounce certain sounds, and then they will become more apt at reading complicated literature as their vocabulary improves and they become more accustomed to interpreting grammar and meaning from the written word. As a parent, your input into how quickly your child's reading skills develop is vital. Through simply waiting on these skills to be picked up at school, you are leaving your children in a position where their classmates have more experience with reading and they are therefore going to be slower at applying what their teacher is teaching.

One of the best ways to teach your children how to read is if you read to them from a young age. This will allow your child to become familiar with the written word and hopefully passionate about reading to the stage where they want to learn about it on their own. You should choose to read stories to your children that will entice them, rather than stories that may be too complicated for them to understand at a young age. You should also encourage them to pronounce words that they here you say; which will in turn make reading easier for them as they identify pronunciation and context.

When your child first starts learning how to read, it is important that you show a willingness to listen to them reading out loud to you. When listening to them reading ensure that you seem interested in what they have to say, which will in turn give them a confidence boost and a willingness to continue further. When your child makes a mistake you should correct them, however never to the point that it ruins the flow of what they are reading. For example, should your child stall over pronunciation then you should certainly help them however never to the detriment of their enjoyment of the story that they are reading. As well as encouraging reading as a group activity you also need to encourage reading on an individual level as well. Although you should direct your child in the direction of books that may be suitable, it is important they feel as though they helped to choose the material they are reading as well.

When your child has read a book you should encourage discussion about it. Ask them what they think about certain characters, and where they think the plot is heading. Through really helping to stimulate a passion for reading, all the other elements will follow much more smoothly.

As a parent you can encourage your child to read through making it naturally fit into their day. Place books in the car so that they are encouraged to read on journeys, and also encourage your child to read before they go to bed. Through engraining reading as a fun activity from a young age, their reading skills will evolve and they will ultimately become more articulate and capable of learning.

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