Online Gambling History

Gambling has always been an integral part of human history. The games of chance have always been in high demand despite being forbidden by most. Online casinos are no different and they carry the same charm as traditional gambling.

The excitement, suspense, thrill remain intact despite being virtual. With the advent of computers in the middle of the 20th century, online gambling came to the fore by the use of random number generator algorithms to create games of chance. Proper online casinos evolved during the mid 1990's and spread across the globe like a forest fire with lightning speed.

1994 saw the first legalization of gambling by grant of licenses to traditional casinos and online casinos. Antigua and Barbuda, despite being a conservative imperial economy, foresaw the future fruits of the move and acted accordingly to legalize gambling. Still being the only country today, many online casinos have their companies and licenses registered in the country. Antigua and Barbuda thus had its name etched in history to have legalized the most favorite pastime of humankind and to have immensely contributed to ecommerce by legalizing online and internet casinos. As a result of this, the first internet casino opened in 1996. The rest, as all of us are very aware is an enviable success story.

Online casinos, internet casinos and online gambling are the most prevalent pastimes today. The first ever bet on an online casino is traced back to the same year, 1996. The years from 1994 to 1996 were very eventful that saw the establishment of many software companies that catered to the online casino market. One of the most famous and successful is "Microgaming", which is still at its best today due to its "Viper" online casino software. Ecommerce has always been at the receiving end of security issues.

During the same period, a rise in network security development companies saw the advent of encryption software, making online casino transactions more secure. "Cryptologic", the security behemoth was formed during this period and catered to most online casinos. Historically many attempts have been made to curtail US citizens from playing on online casinos. Although, licensing to gamble is yet to bear fruit in the country, participating has become hassle-free.

Gambling in the USA is older than the government, and probably more wide-spread. Gambling continues to be a big part of national pastime and the economy of the USA. The increased popularity of online casinos indicates that this is going to be an ever growing and booming business. The business incorporates cutting edge technology and heavy monetary stakes. New innovations and surprises in internet casinos are forever coming up due to the competition. Online Casinos offer blackjack, poker, keno and a lot of other popular games.

Each of these games has a place in the rich history of mankind. It is a challenge for online casino software professionals to adapt historic gambling games into the virtual mould giving the players the same, if not an enhanced experience of playing them on online casinos. In fact, most competition also stems from this factor.

Online casinos differ from each other with respect to gaming features depending upon the software they use. Reasons for popularity of online casinos are numerous. Popular belief is that many traditional games like poker, black jack and cards are different when played on an online casino. It is not so and the games are the same as played in traditional casinos. Players do not need to travel far to play.

They can play on an online casino from the comfort of their living or bedrooms. Most online casinos offer mouth-watering bonuses to new customers, usually inflating their initial deposit. Online casinos offer better payouts and are more gambler friendly compared to traditional casinos.

Anonymity is an added appreciable advantage. The battle of the titans is unfolding in Cyberspace, where the history of the famous Las Vegas in-fighting repeats itself at a far quicker pace. Flashy new online casinos with "extras" like music, strippers and dancers are coming up to keep the players entertained during their chase for virtual dollars.

Quite suddenly, online casinos have begun jostling for new customers in the past 3-4 years. Who will stay and who gets the boot is anyone's guess. All i know is the competition is good for you and me the casual gambler. And the crap will eventually get weeded out as the dominant online gambling sites take a hold.

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