Hitman Blood Money Cheats for Xbox

One of the hottest games currently out for the Xbox 360 is the game Hitman: Blood Money. This is a gruesome first person shooter where you are tasked with taking out individuals. You earn money along the way and pick-up goods as you go forward. This game is quickly becoming a classic in the Genre. Playing first person shooters is either your style or not. This shooter pits you as a Hitman roaming the city completing the task of taking out your marks.

To play this game without cheats can be a total blast literally. However adding a few cheats to your arsenal will make the speed with which you can complete this game extraordinary. You can wow your friends with the Hitman:Blood Money rate of completion or the leveling that you can achieve. The first cheat that is extremely popular with this game is fairly straightforward.

As with any game of this genre money is key to your game playing enjoyment. Gaining money is even more important. So follow the brief outline below to achieve this cheat: First complete any level as poorly as you can collecting as little money along the way as possible. The goal is to complete the level but not achieve an effective high score.

Save the game at the completion of this level. Now go back and play the level a 2nd time. This time do all that you can to collect as much gold along the way as possible.

Immediately before escaping the level create a save point. Now the fun begins your new account balance will be shown. Which is your previous account balance plus the difference in your earnings for the second game play.

At the mission review screen press the B button and return to the first of the mission review shots. Next press the Y button. You will be prompted that your progress will be lost.

This is the glitch in the game that you have been searching for in reality your money level will not be affected. So replay the level again collecting money as much as possible. Play all the way through to the mission review screen and repeat the B to Y button presses until you are satisfied that your bank account is sufficient to carry on.

This is effectively an infinite source of money for your account as you can continue to repeat the level and earn money. Finally a cheat to get past that pesky limited saves. If you have ever become frustrated because the Hitman: Blood Money game doesn't have unlimited saves look no further.

The game actually does have an unlimited save feature, it just isn't listed as such to the normal user. When you are saving during a mission simply press the Start button prior to the save completing. This will not harm your save but your saves will not increment so that you now have the ability to complete the levels in normal and expert mode without the fear of running out of saves. These are just a few of the cheats that I have used in playing Hitman: Blood Money. This is an absolutely fabulous game that can keep you entertained for hours.

Enjoy the cheats and the game.

Charles Cater is an avid game player. He owns http://www.arcadecobra.com and http://www.arcadethunder.com. For questions see him at http://www.arcade1000.com/forum.

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