Be an Eggspert in the Eggciting party

Wondering how to entertain those party kids coming to your home? This article will help you to become a perfect host. Some games and activities are listed below, try out and have a great Eggciting birthday party. Next on the agenda was an egg-cracking contest.

Each contestant held an egg in his hand, small end up and challenged someone to crack his egg. The challenged lad then with his own egg tapped the egg of the challenger. If the challenged cracked the egg of the challenger he won the challenger's cracked egg. If his own was cracked he turned it over to the challenger. The boys continued to challenge one another until only one uncracked egg remained.

The possessor of that egg was declared "The Great Uncracked." After so much activity the boys were perfectly willing to sit down while each peeled his cracked egg ready for the next stunt. This stunt is not new, but it's always fun and surprising for each new group that tries it.

Each boy is given an empty milk bottle, clean of course, with the request that he put the egg into his bottle. The peeled egg is larger than the top of the bottle. The boys pushed and squeezed on the slippery eggs but made no progress.

Sandy produced a match and showed his friends the trick. He dropped a lighted match into the bottle. He placed the egg on the mouth of the empty bottle and they all watched the egg slide into the bottle. It was not long until each bottle contained an egg. One thoughtful youngster wanted to know why.

Sandy explained that the lighted match in the bottle used up the oxygen in the bottle thereby creating a partial vacuum. Then the outside air pressure forces the egg into the bottle. To get the eggs out of the bottles was something else again. With all the shaking, jiggling, and jouncing the eggs would not come. Sandy very nonchalantly claimed it was very simple. He just turned the bottle upside down and blew into it, and the pressure of air then forced the egg out of the bottle.

The lads were delighted with their know how and were promising themselves a lot of fun outwitting their own families. By this time we were ready to call the boys for eats the likes of which is not usually considered birthday-party fare. But it was in accordance with Sandy's idea and made a hit with the gang. Scrambled eggs and bacon with slices of buttered brown bread and tall glasses of milk disappeared in unbelievably short order.

The birthday cake was decorated with candy Easter eggs stuck in the frosting. In saying Good-bye the lads assured Sandy his party had been an Eggciting affair. Though they are a bit grown up for Elmo and Tweety, but they still likes to have fun and be funny.

The above given eggs games will surely bring your guest in funny and fun mood.

Mitch Johnson is a regular writer for http://www.kids-games-n-crafts.com/ , http://www.costumestips.infoinfo/ , http://www.goodbudgetholiday.info/

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